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Vellankani Madha Feast - St Francis of Assisi Church - Songs List & Lyrics

List of Songs

Processional/Entrance  - Walk in the Light
Guitar: Sanjay Dorairaj

Responsorial Psalm
To be decided later by Music Directory. Likely Angelina will sing

Presentation/Offering - Maria Mai 
Guitar: Sanjay Dorairaj, Piano: Tarun Dorairaj, Tabla: Micky Menezes

Communion 1 - Hail Mary Gentle Woman (Lyrics in Hymnal)
Guitar: Sanjay Dorairaj

Communion 2 - Arokia Madhave
Guitar: Sanjay Dorairaj, Piano: Angelina, Tabla: Micky Menezes

Recessional - Daily Daily, Sing to Mary
Daily Daily, Sing to Mary
Guitar: Sanjay Dorairaj

Post-Mass Celebrations at Gathering Hall

Arokia Madhave will also be sung after the skit.


Walk In the Light  (G)

1. The Spirit lives to set us free, 
walk, walk in the light. 
He binds us all in unity, 
walk, walk in the light.


Walk in the light, 
walk in the light, 
walk in the light,
walk in the light of the Lord

2. Jesus promised life to all, 
walk, walk in the light. 
The dead were wakened by his call,
walk, walk in the light.

3. He died in pain on Calvary, 
walk, walk in the light, 
to save the lost like you and me, 
walk, walk in the light.

4. We know his death was not the end, 
walk, walk in the light. 
He gave his Spirit to be our friend, 
walk, walk in the light.

5. By Jesus' love our wounds are healed, 
walk, walk in the light. 
The Father's kindness is revealed, 
walk, walk in the light.

6. The Spirit lives in you and me, 
walk, walk in the light. 
His light will shine for all to see, 
walk, walk in the light

Maria Mai (C)/ Blessed Mother

Maria mai kurpechi, Khotavinn zolmoleli,
Maria mai mojea jezuchi,Maria mai moji
Maria mai kurpechi, Khotavinn zolmoleli,
Maria mai mojea jezuchi,Maria mai moji

Bhov dulob tujem nanv
Kallzant mojea vomptam
Mhonva-vorti goddsann,
Jiber mhoje khelloitam
Aprudik Mhoje mai
tuje vengent rigtam
Maria maria, maria
Maria mhoji mai 
Maria maria, maria 
Maria mhoji mai

What it means?

Mai means mother in Konkani
It is a hymn singing praises of mother Mary
Maria Mai Kurpechi... Blessed mother
Maria Mai mojhea jezuchi .. Mother of my Jesus .. Also my mother (mohji Mai ).

Bhov dulob..,your name is holy and pure and always on my lips. Sweet as honey on my tongue .

Auprudhki moji Mai ...beautiful my mother I love to rest in your comforting arms..
Maria mohji Mai .. Maria my mother.

Arokiya Madhave (C)/Our of Lady of Good Health 

Arokiya Madhave umadhu pugal
paadi thudhiththituvom - ennaalum
paadi thudhiththituvom - 2 

1. alaikal modhitum karakarai thanile
vasiththita aasai vaiththaaye - 2
palavidhak kalaikalum paaril sirandhita
anaivarukkum thunai purindhaaye - 2 

2. then kamazhum solai soozhndhu vilangum
velaanganniyil amarndhaaye - 2
vaanulakum indha vaiyakamum - arul
ongita engum niraindhaaye - 2 

What it means?

Mother of Good Health, we sing your praises always!

You expressed your desire to stay where beautiful waves collided with the shore;
You aided several people to come up in life and improve their skills.

You are seated in Vellankani - an oasis filled with honey and beautiful gardens!
Heaven and earth are filled with your grace!

Daily Daily, Sing to Mary (F)

Daily, daily sing to Mary Hymn
Daily, daily sing to Mary,
Sing, my soul, her praises due:
All her feasts, her actions worship
With the heart's devotion true.
Lost in wond'ring contemplation,
Be her majesty confessed:
Call her Mother, call her Virgin,
Happy Mother, Virgin blest. 

She is mighty to deliver. 
Call her, trust her lovingly. 
When the tempest rages round thee, 
She will calm the troubled sea. 
Gifts of heaven she has given, 
Noble Lady, to our race. 
She, the Queen, who decks her subjects 
With the light of God's own grace. 

Sing, my tongue, the Virgin's trophies 
Who for us her Maker bore. 
For the curse of old inflicted, 
Peace and blessing to restore. 
Sing in songs of peace unending, 
Sing the world's majestic Queen. 
Weary not nor faint in telling. 
All the gifts she gives to men.

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  1. Dear bro, where can I find english/tamil texts for mass and songs for Vailakanni Madha Nativity Feasts or/and general mass. Andaavare Yesuveh. Any info including shop address India welcome.